Liquidity for new and existing projects

Wincent partners with promising projects to help them improve liquidity. We support all major exchanges and pairs, covering centralized exchanges and trading platforms.

Market Making by Wincent

50+ Coins

Wincent provides liquidity on over 50 coins, with the majority of trading volumes coming from the most liquid coins, BTC and ETH,

Return attribution tends to be stable for BTC and ETH, and higher per trade for altcoins.

15 Exchanges

Liquidity is provided on 15 cryptocurrency exchanges globally, choosing the largest (by volume) and most reputable exchanges.

Snapshot of venues traded on:
Binance, Huobi, Kraken, OKX, Bitfinex

3 Instruments

Originally deployed on perpetual swaps and futures, the strategy now represents 1% of global trading volume ($1B–$3B).

The strategy expanded to trading spot markets in 2021.
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