Best spot prices for 50+ digital assets

Wincent offers competitive prices in spot markets across more than 50 digital assets. Our counterparties include funds, brokers, family offices, blockchain projects, OTC desks, and qualified individuals.

Spot Trading with Wincent

The algorithms that Wincent uses for OTC are the same as those we use for our proprietary trading, providing an advantage when it comes to pricing. Trading with us directly is free of fees, so counterparties can cut intermediary fees; the price that traders quote is the price you get.

Competitive spreads even in fast markets

24/7/365 liquidity for your token

Algorithmic execution

Coverage of 100+ tokens

Trade any size

Instant settlement for selected assets

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Partner integrations: Access via order execution management systems & connectivity providers


Trade over popular chat systems

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Trade with us using a comfortable trading interface and T+0 settlement